Getting Married?

Weddings have become one of my favorite events to film, because they give such a beautiful window into the lives of the couple and their families. Check it out:


So what distinguishes me from other wedding videographers?

I find emotion in tiny details: the hair stylist's thoughtful smile, a carefully straightened bow tie, the twinkling eyes of the father of the bride. Each successive image adds another layer of meaning to the narrative, and I consider it a privilege to discover and capture a couple's story as it unfolds. 

I'm a ninja. I love candid moments, so when I film weddings, I melt into the background and film everything as it happens. Many videographers will try to direct the action, but I pride myself on balancing beautiful shots with stealth. If you hire me for your wedding, you might not even notice I'm there. 

I capture how the day feels. The anxiety, the excitement, the fun, the tenderness—when I edit, I try to weave a story that bundles all these emotions into 7-10 minutes of footage, giving you a product you'll want to watch years after your wedding.