What's this?

Visual poetry is an increasingly popular short film genre combining spoken word poetry, music, and abstract cinematography to tell the story of an idea or realization. 

The following collection is a series of five visual poems created for Dance in Flight, a student led dance company at Pepperdine. Spoken Word artist Katrina Warme wrote and performed the poetry in these films, and John Lowell Anderson composed the music.


The 2016 production of Dance in Flight centered on using movement to explore what it means to be human. Each dance focused on a different part of the human experience, and we designed our films to bridge gaps between some of the more distant aspects of humanity on display. 

This project was an exciting challenge that forced me to grow in all areas of production, from directing and cinematography to editing and producing. Dance in Flight gave me an opportunity to refine this style, but the journey began last year, when I made an abstract short film for a spoken word poem my friend had written.

I developed three characters and tried to create imagery that visualized their emotions as they battled their respective demons: depression, abuse, and self-loathing. This was the result.


I'm not sure what's in the future for poetic narrative, but I'm interested in exploring it's potential for use in performance art. If you're intrigued by the style and what it might be able to accomplish, I'd love to brainstorm with you.